Screen Printing

We impose a design onto a silk mesh, ink is then forced through the mesh and onto the garment. Methods of screen printing include:

Spot Color Separation

We assign a color to each layer that forms the image, and we print the films from each color layer. This technique produces a vibrant and saturated color on the garment; the result is a sharp, nice and vivid image.

Index Color – Simulated Process Color

Index Color is a process where a design with lots of colors is reduced down to a limited color palette. This process converts the design to a square dot pixel pattern.
We pick colors from within the design for to use for a master color palette. We then take these colors and recreate the image using the colors you picked. All secondary colors are made mixing the colors from the palette.
Generally index color needs at least six to eight colors in the color palette for the image to look correct. If too few colors are used there is a tendency to have a muddy look. Photo-realistic designs need lots of colors. Some of the best shirt images use eight to nine colors.
Since the image is converted to “pixels” the resolution of the scan is the resolution of the garment image. The artwork resolution should be the same resolution what you want the final image size. This is one of the reasons why we ask for high resolution artwork.

Grayscale Separation

This technique is great to use with black and white photographs, but also works great with other colors. With this method we convert all the different gradients into a one color palate created with different size dots in order to recreate the image and use the different saturation to achieve the volume of the original image.

CMYK or Process Color Separation

This method uses four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) to produce full-color images. These are called Process Colors and are mixed to recreate other colors.
Some colors such as green and orange are especially difficult to reproduce with the base colors. If you want these colors to be vivid they can be printed as additional Spot Colors. Fluorescent and metallic colors cannot be printed by mixing the four process colors. These colors also should be printed as additional Spot Colors.
We can make high-quality color separation of your artwork for light and dark T-shirts. We may also need to add a Highlight White or Black, but the design and the color of garment that is used to print determine any extra ink colors.


Rhinestones embellish everything from polos, tees, sweatshirts, pants. We offer custom design rhinestone services on any type of garment. We take wholesale rhinestone orders as well as individuals. Designs can be applied to just about any surface.

We also offer applique services. Applique services allow customers to let their imagination lead the way, just what you need so your design can look just like those trendy stores.

We have Discharge ink which is becoming very popular in today’s market. Discharge water based ink produces an extremely soft hand and gives thegarment a unique vintage look customers love!


Embroidery is an art form that applies the use of threads, needles and stitching to achieve texture, embellishment and ornamental interest on fabric.

Our professional embroiderers are masters of detail, applying a range of traditional stitching techniques to produce intricate designs on clothing, accessories and home decor items. Mandego’s embroiderers combine traditional sewing skills with current software programs to design and construct high quality embellishments on any item.

Attention to Detail since 1984.

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